Why should I do a spring cleanse?

Posted on March 12, 2014


We can all benefit from cleansing our bodies.  The food we eat in America today is filled with sugar, additives, preservatives, food dye, caffeine, sodium and fat.  Even if you are eating a relatively healthy diet, your body still needs a chance to hit the reset button and cleanse itself from the toxins that are hidden in food and that are in our environment.  Many of us suffer from the effects of these toxins in our bodies without even realizing what’s happening.  These show up as headaches, brain fog, muscle aches, fatigue, low energy, excess weight, sleep problems and many more symptoms we deal with daily.  The 10 Day Essential Mind and Body Cleanse is a whole foods cleanse where we eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, soups, whole grains, wild fish and organic chicken.  We drink lots of smoothies and water.  There is nothing radical about this cleanse, it’s just all natural food!  Your body will be replenished by all the nutrients and hydration it receives and you won’t believe the amount of energy and lightness you feel.  Our cleanse is also an elimination cleanse so it will give you the chance to see if you are being effected by any of the common food sensitivities that people are suffering from more and more these days.  You will have the unlimited support from me , a Certified Holistic Health Coach, to walk you through the process of the cleanse with lots of delicious recipes.  You will receive a kit of essential oils to enhance your cleansing experience and soothe any detox symptoms you may encounter.  You will also receive the same unlimited support from Sandy, a Certified Aromatherapist.   So the question is , why should I NOT do a cleanse?


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